Blockchain Badges

Blockchain Badges elevate your credentialing system with secure, immutable digital recognition on the blockchain.

In the digital age, showcasing achievements and credentials in a trustworthy and easily verifiable way has become paramount for individuals and organizations alike. Blockchain Badges offers an innovative solution by leveraging the power of blockchain technology to issue and manage digital badges. These badges serve as immutable and transparent proof of accomplishments, skills, and certifications, bridging the gap between credibility and recognition in the virtual world.


  • Free Plan
    The current landscape for issuing digital badges is frequently overshadowed by expensive and obscure pricing models. We remove these barriers, allowing all organizations to celebrate accomplishments freely.
  • Immutable Certification
    Each badge is recorded on the blockchain, ensuring that once an achievement is awarded, it cannot be altered or revoked, providing a permanent record of accomplishment.
  • Easy Integration and Issuance
    With BWS Blockchain.Badges solution, issuing digital badges is straightforward. Our API seamlessly integrates with your existing platforms, enabling you to award badges directly from your website or application.
  • Customizable Badge Design
    Tailor the appearance of your badges to align with your brand identity or specific criteria for each achievement. Our platform allows for full customization of badge designs, ensuring each award is unique and meaningful.
  • Verifiable and Shareable
    Badges can be easily shared on social media, digital resumes, and websites, allowing recipients to showcase their achievements widely. Moreover, each badge comes with a unique verification link, enabling others to validate the achievement's authenticity instantly.
  • Privacy and Security
    Recipients have full control over their privacy settings, deciding what information is public and what remains private. Additionally, the blockchain foundation of BWS.Blockchain.Badges ensures the highest level of security for all data.


  • Enhanced Credibility and Trust
    By utilizing blockchain technology, BWS.Blockchain.Badges enhances the credibility of your certification program, instilling greater trust in your awards and recognitions.
  • Global Recognition
    Digital badges issued on the blockchain are globally accessible and verifiable, providing recipients with worldwide recognition of their skills and achievements.
  • Engagement and Motivation
    The ability to easily share and showcase achievements motivates individuals to engage more deeply with educational programs, professional development opportunities, and community initiatives.
  • Streamlined Administration
    Reduce the administrative burden of issuing and managing physical certificates and badges. Our digital solution simplifies the process, making it more efficient and cost-effective.
  • Future-Proof Credentialing
    As the digital landscape evolves, blockchain-based badges ensure that credentials remain relevant, secure, and accessible, future-proofing the recognition of achievements.

Embrace a new era of achievement recognition with BWS.Blockchain.Badges. A blockchain solution, coupled with an unlimited free entry-level plan, is not just an advancement in technology — it's a commitment to making digital credentialing accessible, secure, and universally recognized.