IPFS Upload

Effortlessly upload images and JSON files to the IPFS network and use our IPFS gateway for reliable access.

BWS.IPFS.Upload revolutionizes the process of uploading content to the IPFS network, making it highly accessible even for those without in-depth blockchain knowledge. This solution is expertly designed for the easy uploading of images and JSON files, democratizing the use of IPFS for a broader range of users.


  • Simplified Content Uploading
    With BWS.IPFS.Upload, you can effortlessly upload web browsing content like images and JSON files to the IPFS network, bypassing the complexities typically associated with blockchain technologies.
  • Optimized File Size
    The service supports file sizes up to 5MB, catering to efficient web content management and ensuring speedy uploads without sacrificing quality.
  • NFT, Images and PDF File Support
    The platform currently accepts JSON, images, and PDF files, providing versatility in the types of content you can upload while maintaining a safe IPFS environment.
  • BWS Gateway Integration
    Use ipfs.bws.ninja as your gateway to IPFS, seamlessly accessing and sharing your uploaded content.


  • Enhanced Web Content Distribution
    By utilizing the decentralized nature of IPFS, BWS.IPFS.Upload offers a more resilient and efficient way to distribute our customers content.
  • Easy Integration
    The user-friendly API makes integration into existing systems straightforward, requiring minimal technical effort.
  • Increased Content Reach
    Leverage the power of IPFS to make your content more accessible and reliably available across the globe.
  • Secure and Reliable
    Benefit from the inherent security and durability of blockchain technology, ensuring that your content remains safe and perpetually accessible.

Use BWS.IPFS.Upload to simplify your content distribution on the web, tapping into the revolutionary potential of IPFS with ease and reliability.