ESG Credits

Assists financial institutions and system integrators in delivering environmental impact reporting to their digital channels.

Introducing a cutting-edge API solution explicitly tailored for forward-thinking financial institutions that aim to swiftly integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) impact benefits into their digital platforms.

This unique solution facilitates quantifying and displaying the positive impacts of investments made in green assets and sustainable projects by your customers and investors.


  • Standard Frameworks
    BWS.ESG.Credits solution provides flexibility in impact reporting by adhering to recognized frameworks such as the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) standard or any chosen taxonomy.
  • Granularity
    In addition, it accommodates two tiers of impact categories and indicators and supports any impact unit. This flexibility ensures that your reporting can be as granular and specific as required.
  • Custom Profiles
    The API calculates impact values on an annual basis or according to the established term of the financial instrument. The basis for these calculations is your green framework or the "impact profile" of your green project portfolio, reinforcing the authenticity and transparency of your reporting.


  • Flexibility
    To align your initiatives with global sustainability goals, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) classifications can be associated with your chosen taxonomy impact categories. The API also supports any combination of currencies, catering to the diverse needs of global financial institutions.
  • Trust and Transparency
    To demonstrate your unwavering commitment to ESG principles, the API stores your framework's ESG impact profile on the blockchain to guarantee data integrity and help build trust with your stakeholders.
  • Reduced Operational Cost
    This API solution offers a comprehensive, customizable, and efficient way to enhance your ESG reporting, offering you an advantage in the increasingly important realm of sustainable finance.

By harnessing the power of this innovative API solution, with its comprehensive information model and advanced calculation methodologies, enable your development team or system integrator to expedite the construction of your ESG impact reporting system. Typical use cases include:

  1. Automatically generate reports for investors that detail the ESG impact benefits of their investments/deposits in green products.
  2. Enhance digital account information with details of the customer’s investment-specific ESG benefits.
  3. Offer customers immutable ESG certificates as proof of their efforts to offset their negative impact.
  4. Provide sales staff with tools to calculate ESG benefits from various proposed investment levels.
  5. Enable potential investors to explore the ESG impact benefits of various investments through self-service functions.
  6. Offer guidance on the investment portfolio mix required to meet each customer’s desired impact benefit profile.
  7. Publish green frameworks in an immutable format to demonstrate social responsibility commitment and trust.