Blockchain Hash

A single API call to save data to the blockchain without passing your wallet or managing the transaction fees.

BWS.Blockchain.Hash simplifies saving data into the blockchain by abstracting blockchain infrastructure complexities for you to use the blockchain as a regular hash database.

This solution is designed to easily save data without having to deal with blockchain infrastructure complexities. A solution for individuals and companies that want to bring blockchain trust but don't want to handle time-consuming and expensive learning curves.


  • Simplified Data Storage
    Storing data on the blockchain has never been easier. Just send a single API request specifying the blockchain and data you wish to save, and you're set.
  • Seamless Wallet Management
    BWS takes care of wallet management for blockchain transactions behind the scenes, delivering a smooth user experience without the complications.
  • Automated Fee Management
    Forget about puzzling over network or 'gas' fees; our API handles fee calculations and payments, so you can focus on your data.
  • Data Immutability
    Once stored, your data is unchangeable, and we provide a Certificate of Trust that adds an extra layer of transparency.
  • Data Retrieval.
    This solution provides functionality to retrieve your stored data, ensuring that your data is always accessible when you need it.
  • Use the blockchain as a Trusted Hash Table.
    Use it as a regular database hash table, for example, to save and update your customer’s most important key data into the Blockchain.


  • Quick and Easy Integration
    This solution makes the blockchain accessible to companies and developers regardless of their level of maturity.
  • Boost Trust and Transparency
    Leveraging public blockchains can elevate your organization's credibility, fostering greater trust and transparency.

Use the blockchain to bring an extra layer of trust and transparency to your daily data workflows.