NFT Game Cube

Engage your fans and get a new revenue stream for your Sports Club by combining NFTs and Machine Learning.

NFT Game Cube is a new solution by BWS where sports, NFTs, and machine learning converge to create an unparalleled fan experience. Our platform adds a new revenue stream for our customers while engaging their fans all over the world to own a piece of the game field and engage with their favorite sports in innovative ways.


  • Multiple Sport
    NFT Game Cube redefines the fan experience for virtually any sport by allowing you to divide the game field into customizable "cubes." Whether it's football, soccer, cricket, or even chess, our platform brings a new dimension of engagement and ownership to the sports you love.
  • Game Setup
    Customize the field and cube sizes to perfectly match your needs, creating a tailored and immersive experience for your fans.
  • Events Definition
    Define the events you want to track—goals, fouls, touchdowns, and more—tailored to each sport, to enhance your game experience.
  • Event Registration
    Our platform uses advanced machine learning to automatically detect and register events, providing comprehensive coverage and real-time updates. When video recording isn't available, you can manually register events to maintain accuracy and reliability.
  • Single Match or Full Season
    Each NFT Game Cube experience can be linked to one or multiple events, enabling fans to own a piece of the game for a single match or an entire season.
  • Global Engagement
    Fans worldwide can purchase your cubes, breaking down geographical barriers and boosting global engagement.
  • No Cost
    We operate on a transparent fee-on-sales model with no hidden costs. You only pay a fee when your cubes are sold, making the platform accessible and risk-free."


  • New Revenue Stream
    Unlock new revenue streams through flexible pricing and unique offerings. Set different prices for various cubes and zones based on demand and significance, creating innovative ways to monetize sports events beyond traditional ticket sales and merchandise.
  • Risk-Free
    Benefit from a clear fee-on-sales model with no hidden costs. Contact us, and we'll help you set up the platform risk-free..

Join us at the NFT Game Cube platform and be a part of the future of sports engagement!