A straightforward API enabling artists, companies, and individuals to create NFTs effortlessly, without Web3 knowledge.

BWS.NFT.zK simplifies the NFT creation process to the extreme, and you don't need to have blockchain experience to bring NFTs to life.

This solution is designed to create NFTs easily but also to transfer the ownership to non-blockchain-experts users that will now be able to experience the NFT revolution too.


  • OpenZeppelin Framework.
    This solution leverages the OpenZeppelin framework to inherit proven implementations of ERC721 standards and access control mechanisms, ensuring both security and compliance.
  • Token Metadata.
    Incorporates ERC721URIStorage to manage off-chain metadata for each token, allowing dynamic properties and potentially reducing gas costs.
  • Build for Everyone, not only Blockchain experts.
    We've developed our solution to be as simple as possible. You can now easily create NFT and transfer the ownership to non-blockchain users by just indicating their email address. 
  • Trusted Ownership.
    The contract's ownership is transparent and can be easily transferred, adding an extra layer of trust for users.
  • Secure and Compliant.
    Utilizing OpenZeppelin’s tested contracts provides users with a high degree of confidence in the contract’s security and compliance with current standards.
  • Handled Transaction Fees.
    Traditional blockchain-based systems often require users to hold tokens in their wallets to pay transaction fees, which can be a significant barrier for those new to blockchain technology. Our API handles these costs via a user subscription model, allowing users to engage with the platform without the need to manage or even own tokens. This removes an essential hurdle and makes the platform accessible to a broader audience, including those who may not be familiar with cryptocurrency management.


  • Revenue Growth
    Unlock new revenue streams by expanding your business into the NFT revolution.
  • Customer Engagement
    Offer something new and exciting to your existing customer base, increasing engagement and retention.
  • Brand Exposure
    Position your brand at the forefront of digital innovation, gaining exposure in an emerging market.
  • Reduced Time to Market
    Get your marketplace running quickly, allowing you to focus on business strategies rather than technical complexities.
  • Technical Support
    Get end-to-end support to bring your blockchain to life. From project planning to project implementation, we can support you as much as needed.

Use this solution to find an easier way to build NFTs and involve your communities.