Blockchain Certify

Obtain a verifiable certification for digital content, backed by the blockchain's transparent and immutable ledger.

BWS.Blockchain.Certify is a robust solution for digital content certification using the blockchain, offering an unmatched level of security and trust.

It is designed to handle a wide range of document types, including but not limited to invoices, personal IDs, contracts, and certificates. The supported formats encompass diverse data sets, such as PDFs and images.


  • Digital Signature Generation
    The product generates a unique digital signature or hash value for each document, ensuring its authenticity and integrity.
  • Blockchain Storage
    The digital signature, along with any pertinent document metadata, is securely stored on the blockchain. This immutable record provides an added layer of trust and transparency.
  • IPFS or Local Storage
    In parallel to blockchain storage, the document itself is saved in either the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) service or local storage based on user preference or requirements.


  • Document Authenticity
    Parties who possess the document's digital signature or hash can easily verify its authenticity. This ensures that the document is what it claims to be and hasn't been tampered with.
  • Certified Copy Access
    Users can retrieve a certified copy of the document to validate its authenticity, offering a convenient and secure way to share and verify documents across various platforms.

By employing state-of-the-art blockchain and IPFS technologies, BWS.Blockchain.Certify sets a new standard for secure, transparent, and efficient document verification.